Hormuud Salaam Foundation

Organization structure


Organization structure

Considerable thoughts and due diligence have been devoted by Hormuud Telecom and Salam Bank Board of Directors to the establishment of the foundation. Drawing on the best practices available globally, the foundation will have a two-layered management structure.

  1. Board of Directors (BoD)

Hormuud Salam Foundation is guided by Board of Directors (BoD), comprised of five (5) eminent individuals from across diverse backgrounds, age brackets and socio-economic status, the BoD is the highest and most important authority of the foundation.

Key responsibilities of the BoD include:

  1. Set strategic vision, mission and priorities of the Foundation
  2. Approve annual work plan
  3. Approve all projects and programs
  4. Approve all funding for projects
  5. Meet once every three months
  1. Management Team

Led by an Executive Director, who reports directly to the BoD, the management team will include operations manager, finance, communications and monitoring and evaluations team(s).

Key responsibilities of this team are:

  1. Develop annual work plan in line with BoD set strategic vision & priorities
  2. Implement work plan and day-to-day operations of the Foundation
  3. Identify fundable (bankable) projects in line with priorities
  4. Organize BoD meetings
  5. Communicate with Hormuud Telecom Executive/Board
  6. Monitor and evaluate projects; communicate reports
  7. Other tasks as assigned by the BoD

Hormuud Salaam Foundation Structure

The Team

The Hormuud Foundation is led by Abdullahi Nur Osman, together with a small but lean team and an army of volunteers from Hormuud Telecom staff across the country.

The Foundation maintains a broad approach towards responding to community needs as is reflected by our strategic direction. We endeavour to support diverse community needs without compromising quality, results and impact.

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