Hormuud Salaam Foundation



Since its inception, Hormuud Salaam Foundation has been providing a critical economic and transformative lifeline to the Somali people in & outside Somalia through its extensive and global network.

 In 2013, Hormuud Telecom has officially established by Hormuud Salaam Foundation, the first ever corporate foundation, as a vehicle for its Corporate Social Responsibility program, with focus on giving back to the society and impacting the quality of life of the community in which funded Hormuud Telecom & Salam Bank.

Hormuud Salaam Foundation

Hormuud Salaam Foundation is a non-profit and funded by Hormuud Telecom and Salaam Somali Bank for the purpose of providing a formal process for charitable contributions to community groups and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) in Somalia, who are key partners in responding to social and economic development issues in the country. 

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