Hormuud Salaam Foundation

Who We Are

Hormuud Salaam Foundation is a non-profit and funded by Hormuud Telecom And Salaam  Somali Bank for the purpose of providing a formal process for charitable contributions to community groups and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) in Somalia, who are key partners in responding to social and economic development issues in the country.


Hormuud Salaam Foundation seeks to make a positive contribution to communities across Somalia through social and technical support. The foundation’s activities revolve around doing impactful activities that strengthens the social fabric of our communities and contributing towards changing lives in a sustainable way.


Our mission is to partner with local communities to address social economic and environmental issues to foster positive and lasting change for the Somali people standard of living .


Our vision is a prosperous Somalia, where people’s lives are positively transformed.


How we work

Hormuud Salaam Foundation believes that corporate social responsibility and investment should go far beyond the old model of philanthropy of donating for a good cause at the end of the financial year.

Whom we work

Hormuud Salaam Foundation, initiates, develops funds and runs its own initiatives for the vulnerable and less privileged in particular.  Our approach is all-year-round investment and engagement to ensure that our input makes a sustainable difference to the communities.


Besides, financial and technical support, we also work in partnership with community groups, civil society organisations, NGO’s and other corporates whose objectives are consistent with the foundation’s vision, mission and values. We have developed strategic partnerships with a number of partners to enable us to provide specialised technical support and to extend our reach to more communities

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